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Toughest Ticket in Town

Posted By admin on September 30, 2011

Tickets for the Masters,Super Bowl, Final Four- tough to get -but you can,played Cyprus,Pebble,still tying to get on Sand Hills & Augusta National-but think I will. Question is will I ever get into GABF,have a bar ,know lots of beer distributors,been around for a while in the liquor /wine biz—-but tickets to GABF—nobody knows me ,won’t return calls, e mails ,letters—as USA Today wrote last week “Welcome to the Napa Valley of CRAFT BEER–that being Fort Collins,Boulder,and Denver-and Longmont, Greely,Colo Springs,Durango-you get the idea,Colorado is the mother lode when it comes to CRAFT BEER BREWING. Back in the old days you were cool, a hero on the East coast when you brought back a case of Coors Banquet-not anymore. Now you know what I want for Christmas or my birthday-when “I’m 64″ GABF tickets please-

Vinue-Food & Wine Bar

Posted By admin on September 30, 2011


Everyone has seen the self serve yogurt craze not for me, but self serve wine- now that  makes me happy. It’s great to interact w/sommelier’s,servers about help for a wine choice,but sometimes its fun to try what strikes your fancy. Enter -Vinue , server comes by ,you give him a credit card and he puts whatever $ amount you choose on the HOUSE WINE CARD.Then off you go to the Cruvinet system to ponder ,choose  1 1/2 oz taste, or larger , slip in your wine card,push the  buttons and BINGO ,you have a wine. Sip and wander around ,read descriptions and labels, look at the bottles,checking it out  to find your next wine. The menu is mostly small plates,with several appetizer samplers ,all reasonable priced,stop by 2817  E  3rd, Cherry Creek North- nice new addition,fun & different- now you are the Sommelier.

Best of Denver or Denver is Best

Posted By admin on April 14, 2011

Over the past 40 some years Denver and Colorado have received little recognition or attention paid to the quality of it’s food and  restaurants. Now the table is reversed. The question is ,what city/ state has better contemporary casual cuisine.  The blend of new American with classic European, and Asian presentations- interpretation by talented young chefs and locally grown products is everywhere along the front range, the mountains,and the western slope. Here are a few newer restaurants you should try.
ChoLon Bistro-www.cholon.comin LoDo. –twelverestaurant/ www.twelverestaurant.com /LoDo. –Empire Lounge and Restaurant / www.theempirerestaurant.com /Louisville –626 onRood-www.626onrood.com– Grand Junction

Craft Brewery Mania

Posted By admin on April 14, 2011

Fill in the blank  > Denver is a _ _ _ _ _ Town !!! Well in the 50′s & 60′s that blank might have been COW ,now it is anything but that,Denver is a  Beer, Food, Hot spot. Just confirmed, Colorado is the second largest craft beer producer in the USA.To me what is more impressive ,the statistic does not have anything to do w/ Miller-Coors or AB’s specialty beers. Seems like every city has neighborhoods with a brew pub, or a brewery nearby. On my way to Brighton last week thought I would check out what was happening downtown, there around the corner on Main St. is the “Flood Stage Ale Works”. Converted old garage ,casual digs ,patio and heavy music –and their house RED ALE. Tap handles were mostly CO craft breweries, but their RED ALE was great and only $3 a pint–stop by

SALUMI in Denver

Posted By admin on September 20, 2010

Denver has come along way, you can find whiskey,beer,and wine all made in Denver–now we have our own SALUMI shop “IL Mondo Vecchio” 1174 S Cherokee St  www.mondoVecchio.net. Salumi is to Italy what Charcuterie is to France,cured meats usually pork,dried and aged.We all know Par-ma and prosciutto, but the true Salami & Pepperoni can be artisanal works of food, not what goes on pizza. A small inconvenience is Mondo Vecchio is a wholesaler to restaurants and gourmet stores, saving grace Fridays 2:30 – 6:30 at the loading dock they open to the public.

Great American Beer Festival, Sept 17-19

Posted By admin on September 14, 2010

GABF,the largest gathering of brewers in North America,the Denver Convention and Visitors Center will host 40,000 of your dearest and closest beer drinking friends. PROBLEM-you can’t get  a ticket to attend,Lady Gaga wasn’t sold out as fast as the GABF. There are still lots of ways to be a part of the exploding CRAFT  industry. The Falling Rock Tap House(1955 Blake St.)  is Mecca for all the brew industry insiders, you can sample beers from around the worlds,and many local styles as well. The other spot I really like is the Cheeky Monk on E Colfax(534 E Colfax) with an array of Belgian brewers served in the brewers individual glass ware .There is also a nice choice of Colorado craft beers. If these spots wet your appetite,then look at www.denverbeerfest.com, which lists 100′s of beer related events,dinner,tours ,all beginning with the Brew at the ZOO.